Morning solitude

July 31, 2010

It is Saturday morning and the day is still calm and quiet. The air conditioner is turned off, and hopefully we can keep it off for the whole weekend. The windows are open and the birds are making the only noises to be heard. These types of moments are among my favorites. The entire day is ahead of me, and the potential is wide open. Today will be a good, productive day.

Yesterday I was able to achieve what I set out to do. The weather was more than permitting for the dog park, and Heather and I packed up Vida and Blue and went over to Timber Creek. I’m very thankful to live near this park, as it is a unique type of dog park. Basically it is a large section of woods that is completely enclosed in fencing. The woods are very thick, and dog owners walk the circumference of the park in a 10′ wide path. Vida and Blue like to explore the middle part, and they run through the thick woods like wild animals.

The format of the park works very nice, as the dogs and the dog owners wind up getting a lot of exercise. The loop is about a half of a mile and there are some decent sized hills. Sometimes we will walk a few miles, but since the dogs are tearing off in every direction, they end up running several miles. There is also a nice lake where they can go swimming, so on hot days we take them for a swim to cool off.

After we got back from the park I still needed to read from my book if I was going to do everything I had hoped to do. Heather laid down on the couch and I read aloud a nice chunk of Arthur Schopenhauer’s “The Wisdom of Life”. I enjoy reading aloud, and it is a great way for us to both experience the same book at the same time. It allows us to have conversations about what we are reading, and sometimes we can pause and discuss the material.

I have crossed off yesterday’s list, and now it is time for another. Today I have several things that I would like to accomplish. The first item on my list is to make some dog treats. We bought a couple of yams recently and I plan on slicing them and dehydrating them. Dehydrated yams are a nice healthy treat, and the dogs love them.

I also want to clean and organize the refrigerator. We have let the fridge get a little out of hand, and it is time for it to be tamed.

I also need to get in some type of exercise, since no day is complete without some form of exercise. To be fair, no day is complete without at least two types of exercise: intellectual and physical. Both forms of exercise are necessary for healthy maintenance of the body.


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