Easy like Sunday

August 1, 2010

Yesterday this project proved wildly successful, as I found myself cleaning the refrigerator at midnight after a full day of unexpected fun. Above is a before/after shot of the worst part of the fridge. It was pretty bad before, and it is pretty nice now. I took everything out of the fridge entirely, cleaned it, and only put the necessities back. I also decided that, since I was cleaning at midnight – 1am, there were a couple of beers that didn’t need to go back into the fridge. Even though I’m not normally a beer drinker, this was a good idea.

I was also able to get the dog treats made. These were sliced and put in the dehydrator early in the day yesterday, but just came out this morning. I should have taken a picture of the tray once they were dried, but I forgot.

As I mentioned, yesterday was filled with unexpected fun. We decided to go to the dog park again early in the day, so we got a short bit of exercise. We then decided to go for a run. I ran 3.5 and Heather ran 2 miles. We took different routes, but both dealt with some good hills. We both pushed our limits, and were silly enough to run during the hottest part of the day. I’m thankful that we ran, and I hope to do the same run today.

After we got back from our run we got cleaned up and headed to Delran to visit my sister and her family. She has 3 girls, Gabriella and Breana (twins) and Summer. The twins are 7 and Summer is 4 – all of their birthdays are in September, and I can’t believe how fast they are growing.

Yesterday Summer was sitting on my lap and traced my tattoo with her finger. She asks, “Uncle David, why do you have this on your arm?” I told her that my friend drew in there for me, and she asked if he was an artist. I told her that he was indeed a tattoo artist. She then asked, “Does he draw all day, and all night?” To which I replied that of course he did, that was his job. She wanted to know if he ever slept, and I assured her that he did have to rest like everyone else. “Does he stay up real late, like ’til midnight?” “Yep, he sure does”. “I want to be an artist, and stay up until midnight. If I’m a tattoo artist, you could come to me. I’m a good artist” she said. I told her, “I know that you are a good artist, I was looking at your painting that is on the wall in the kitchen. You did a good job.” “Uncle David, you know, I could put that on your arm.” What a cute kid.

We have big plans for the day. For lunch we are going to make some corn soup with the corn that we got at the farmer’s market. We also plan to make some Rosemary Peasant Bread.

Later today we have a rather large project, which is to deal with the bird feeder “waste” once and for all. The problem is that the birds discard the seed shells and the dogs rummage through them constantly. The shells are a nuisance in general, and we are going to start feeding only the seeds (pre-shelled). We are also going to clean up all of the remaining shells from around the feeders, and if we can find the proper fencing we will enclose a garden so that the dogs cannot reach the base of the feeders.

At 6pm we have dinner plans, which I am very excited about. Heather and I are going to meet our friends Kat and Lee Colley at IndeBlue Restaurant in Collingswood. IndeBlue is having a special Farm Fresh menu where they feature fresh ingredients from the local farmer’s market. The special menu was supposed to only go until Saturday, but we are lucky enough that they extended it one more day.

Here’s to another productive day…


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