Making progress!

August 2, 2010

Early this morning I went for a run, and it felt fantastic. Today was my third day of running since I started last Tuesday. 3 runs in my first week is not bad, and I’m hoping to get on the road again tomorrow. It would be great if I could run every day, but it would be more practical for me to plan for about 3 – 4 runs per week. Once my endurance increases, I should be able to step up the mileage. For now, 3 miles is a good start if I want to set myself up for success.

Setting short term goals that can be attained is a skill that I had to acquire. I’ve always felt that goals should be big, and difficult to attain. A life of this has brought me a great many failures, as I tend to set the bar higher than I can reach. Continued attempts that are met with failure can make a person stop trying. Striving for greatness is important, but understanding the many rungs that must be climbed on the way to greatness is crucial. Each rung is important, celebrate and appreciate each step toward success.

Setting short, attainable goals sets the mind up for success. The more goals you achieve, the more likely you are to follow through on future goals.

Speaking of goals, yesterday I was *mostly* successful. I had mentioned that I would make bread and soup, then deal with the waste from the bird feeders. We decided not to make bread, as we didn’t need it for lunch and we already had plans to go out for dinner. Baking fresh bread that will not be eaten fresh is pointless, especially on a hot afternoon.

We made the soup, which came out great. I posted the recipe here, as I will continue to do whenever I decide to improvise a recipe. I love the corn soup as a base, so I’ll probably be making a bunch of corn soups through the summer time. If I’m smart, I’ll freeze some Jersey corn so that the season will last a bit longer.

I also cleaned the mess from the bird seed. I raked and swept as much of the debris as I could pick up, then dumped it all into the compost tumbler. We dump a lot of “green” material in the composter, so it is good to have some “brown” material to add. We also made the switch from bird seed with the shells to pre-shelled sunflower meats. This is a bit more expensive, but I think it is worth the extra money. We plan on mixing up some hot pepper oil to mix in with the seeds. The birds aren’t bothered by the spiciness, but mammals (squirrels, mice, DOGS, etc) do not enjoy the added spice. Keeping the non-birds away will help to make the seed last longer.

We also decided against adding fencing to the garden. The fence would be an additional cost that is not fully warranted. At this point we cannot spend money haphazardly. We could *use* the fence, but we don’t *need* the fence.

Once we cleaned up the garden and then ourselves, we rushed over to IndeBlue Restaurant to meet with Kat and Lee. As I mentioned previously, they were still offering the Farm Fresh menu. The menu allows you to choose 4 courses of food that is prepared with locally grown produce. Mine and Heather’s meal consisted of: Coconut Carrot Mango soup (served chilled), spiced potato and corn kernel patties with apple chutney, Bombay “burgers” with crunchy potatoes, and a dessert of peach ice-cream with melba sauce. It tasted even *better* than it sounds.

We still may make the bread this evening, but I’m not going to commit to it. If we don’t make the bread, nothing suffers. We do need to refill the propane tank. Most of the summer we have had an empty propane tank, and so we haven’t used the grill as often as we should. Tonight I finally pull the thorn out of my side by refilling the tank.

Yeah, I made the day easy on myself, but it is Monday. As I mentioned earlier, it is important to set attainable goals.


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