Starting the day

August 3, 2010

The morning is an important part of the day. The day’s outcome depends ultimately on how the morning is structured. Since chaotic mornings often lead to chaotic days, being mindful of morning activities is a wise way to ensure that the day is headed in the right direction.

I continued my new habit of exercising in the morning today by running 3 miles. My feet are starting to get used to running again, and this is the first time that I’ve run consistently since I started wearing the Vibram FiveFingers. If you can’t run barefoot, there is nothing better on the market.

Today was a busy day. Here I am at 8 pm and I’ve just finished my dinner, and have not even written a post to make a goal for the day. I was able to run, but only because I got up early and hit the road before the work day began. When committed to 8 or more hours in a chair, it is important to make time to be active. I like getting the run in early because I know that no matter what happens in the day, at least I’ve already gone for a run.

To allow myself to relax and digest, I will read my book for a bit, I will spend some time with my wife and the dogs, and I will eat a slice of pie. Heather picked up a peach-blueberry pie from Springdale Farms, and it is fantastic. This is what I hope to accomplish this evening, and I don’t feel the slightest bit of shame.


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