Short hiatus

August 10, 2010

So, I took a short hiatus from the blog. As my last non-recipe post described, I was in a nasty funk and was just trying to get by. On Saturday Heather and I took the dogs to the dog beach, and we spent most of the day on the road. The dog beach is a fantastic place because it is like just going to the beach, but there is much more to watch and enjoy. We spent about 2 hours on the beach before heading back home. I was happy that we didn’t stay until the point of discomfort.

When we got home we went out to IndeBlue for the second night in a row. We even surprised our waiter by returning so soon. There are a great many benefits that come along with being a good, friendly patron of your favorite restaurants. Some places will try new dishes by offering them to you free of charge, which can be a great experience.

A guilty pleasure of mine is watching Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA. This is probably the most brutal sport that is televised. MMA is a primal battle between two highly skilled fighters that have been vigorously trained to both attack and defend. In this format, one of the warriors must fall and it usually does not happen easily.

We watched a great set of fights after returning from IndeBlue. The champion that was fighting in the main event was being tested. For almost the entire 5-round fight his opponent had been getting the better of him. With very little time left in the fight the champion saw a tiny window of opportunity and seized upon it. As soon as the challenger had his eyes set on victory it was taken from him, and he was forced to submit to the champion. Letting your guard down for a moment in a sport like this can be a fatal mistake.

The difficulty involved in watching MMA is that events like this are always on very late, and I have a hard time staying awake. I wind up drinking tons of coffee to keep myself from falling asleep, then the fights end and I am stuck with the jitters at 1am. This usually throws my sleep off for a couple of days.

On Sunday I was forced to take a light day and relax. My body was uncomfortable from staying up late, especially since I drank a beer in an attempt to tire myself. I don’t do well with beer, but at heart I know that it is a depressant. With this in mind I will sometimes decide to drink a beer in an attempt to facilitate sleep. No matter how many times I do this, it is always a mistake.

I really do not like beer, or alcohol in general.

The rest of Sunday was almost a complete waste, so I made sure I accomplished something. Since I had to travel to Denver on Monday, I made sure to pack ahead of time, print my boarding pass, and prepare myself for travel. I didn’t accomplish anything great.

On Monday I woke at 4am and started on my way toward Denver. I made it to the airport with only 45 minutes left until the flight was due to leave, and the security line was not short. Thankfully I made it onto the plane with a few moments to spare, and the flight went off without a hitch.

I made it to my hotel, checked in, grabbed coffee, and headed to the office. I ended up staying at the office until around 6pm Denver time. By the time I left I was pretty much exhausted. I went to Watercourse foods, where I typically love everything that I try. This time I made the same error that I did on Saturday night; I drank a beer in an attempt to cancel out all of the coffee I had been drinking. This was a mistake.

I drank a pint of Yeti Imperial Stout, which is about 9.5% alcohol. Since I don’t often drink beer, this hit me so hard that I couldn’t eat my meal. I’m sure it was a combination of exhaustion, an empty stomach, the high elevation of Denver, and the heavy alcoholic content. I was tipsy, so I got my food wrapped up and headed back to the hotel.

Sleep in a hotel is a difficult thing for me. Sleep after drinking beer is also a challenge, so I ended up tossing and turning for a couple of hours. At first I was convinced that I was going to struggle all night. I then realized that if I allowed myself to be convinced of this, I would surely struggle all night. I began to entertain other possibilities, and once I calmed my frustration with not being able to sleep, I slept.

My sleep was not good sleep, but it wasn’t a complete struggle. I didn’t let myself struggle.

All this week I will be in Denver, so there isn’t much outside of work that I will be able to accomplish. Being productive on the road is something that I have to learn, and no better way than to keep updating the blog to hold myself accountable.

I may not get much done today, but I will make it the best day possible. Since there aren’t physical activities that need to be accomplished I will make today’s goal more of an abstract concept. I finished the book that I was reading on the plane, and the final chapter focused on “position” or reputation. The main focus that was trying to be driven home was that mankind would do well to consider external opinions much less than internal opinions. What we think of ourselves affects our happiness far more directly than what others think of us. Today’s actions will be to please my opinion of myself instead of trying to influence the opinions of others.


2 Responses to “Short hiatus”

  1. Kat Says:

    Have fun in Denver. No more beer, silly!

  2. Sharon Dixon Says:

    Being happy with yourself is so important.

    Side note- indie blue is so good!!

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