Delirium and Forgetfulness

August 22, 2010

Whenever I remember that forgetting isn’t possible I imagine my entire life spilling out through my eyeballs, bursting forth, but never leaving my head. It is like an ever-increasing stream of reality is flowing into my face, cycling through my body, and then being regurgitated back into the world (but only after I gnash it with my teeth, corrode it with my stomach acids, and taint it with my being).

I filter the world with myself – how does it taste to you? To me? It burns painfully, but is sometimes delicious.

I’m tired; excuse my digestion.

I’ve just accomplished something.

Wasn’t that fun?



3 Responses to “Delirium and Forgetfulness”

  1. Kat Says:

    hmmm… I think you better get home soon.

  2. Mayra Says:

    It’s like exercise, actually it is an exercise of a different kind. Very powerful, albeit painful. Excellent words, David. As usual, very proud of you.

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