Endurance and perspective

August 23, 2010

After working about 55 hours in 3 days, I feel less than human. When I finally got back to the hotel around 10am this morning I had nothing left in me, and fell asleep for a good 5 hours. This weekend felt like a marathon, as a co-worker and I struggled to perform very sensitive work under a lot of pressure. We met with brick walls at every step of the way, but we powered through them and made it out alive. The end result was less than ideal, but when we did reach the end we were high-fiving each other and generally delirious. We were both getting punchy, and all we could do was laugh. I don’t know how we found the energy, but we couldn’t help ourselves.

You may have read my previous post, which was a direct result of the frustration and exhaustion that I have been experiencing. When working against opposition it is important to maintain a certain distance from the pressure, while remaining engaged enough to give the situation the required attention. The distance provides perspective, and the “do or die” feeling is tempered with reality.

When broken down to essentials, the only necessities in life are nutrition, hydration, shelter from the elements, and security. Companionship is arguably part of this short list, but a wise person will find a good companion within his or herself. In the modern world these few requirements are easily met, but trivial things that feel like necessities trick the mind into stressing over unessential items. Keeping in mind how simple life can be makes dealing with seemingly impossible situations more bearable.

I can’t pretend to be clear headed at the moment, so I’m going to satisfy the two most important requirements that I just mentioned… time for food and drink!


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