Use of time

September 5, 2010

It is a holiday weekend, which means 3 days off of work. While it is 3 days off of work, I usually take these opportunities to get as much work done around the house as possible. When I have an extra day to work with, I feel like I can be a lot more productive, while still having time to relax and enjoy myself. In fact, I usually can’t enjoy myself unless I’ve already accomplished something.

Today the to-do list is split in half, with some of the items being chore-like and the others being fun! It is important to reserve time for fun and enjoyment. We plan to add some good soil and some “Beats Peat” to the ground in the back yard. This will amend the soil enough to allow for grass to grow (I hope). The dogs tear up the ground, so it may be impossible to re-establish grass, but we’ll take what we can get.

Once we get done with the dirt and seed, we plan to go to the dog park to give the pups (and ourselves) some exercise. I consider this a fun activity. After the dog park we will probably get something to eat, then we have a section of the garden that we must attend to. This is a section that borders the neighbor’s yard, and the neighbor just spent a lot of money re-sodding her lawn. The lawn looks really nice, so we feel obligated to compliment her efforts by keeping the border in order.

When we are done with the weeding, we are going to spend the rest of the daylight hours geocaching. Geocaching is a recent hobby, and I’m really hooked. Basically it is scavenger hunting for adults using GPS. Solving puzzles and exploring the outside world is my idea of a good time.

If we are able to accomplish everything that I just mentioned, the day will feel extremely fulfilled. I will be able to relax with an easy mind, and if the wind is calm enough I can sit by the fire pit and reflect on the productivity of the day. Tomorrow we’ll be off, and if we’ve accomplished as much as we plan, we can be content with relaxing and enjoying the extra day off. It *is* Labor day, so there must be some labor involved… but it *is* a holiday, so there must be some time for fun too.

Make good use of your time!


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