The strength to quit

October 21, 2010

Quitting is not always a simple thing. Sometimes it takes more strength to admit that it is time to bow out than it does to needlessly suffer. The mind and body struggle, and struggle is an important part of life. However, struggle should work toward something. Unnecessary suffering can consume life and eclipse the joy of existence. The present moment is our only true experience of reality. What effort and what “end” is worth sacrificing your only reality?

Still, while suffering that one has become accustom to can be more comfortable than the fear of an unknown suffering, failing to do something about it is dooming yourself to constant struggle. Failing to act is admitting that you do not deserve the opportunity to escape the cycle of suffering.

The fear of causing your own suffering through actions intended to relieve suffering is real, and should be considered thoroughly. A fool steps off of the hot coals and into the fire, but only a coward remains on the coals forever.

Be mindful of how long you linger. To walk out of a comedy too soon is to miss the punchline, but to escape a tragedy before the doom is to be hopeful for resolution. It is important to be conscious of the method, and timing of escape.


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