Solo Ride 7/10/11

July 10, 2011

When we were done riding yesterday, Ed told me that he had to work on his car the next day, so he wouldn’t be able to join me for a ride. I still need to get a ride in, so I plan for a solo ride. I touched base with Ed this morning, but it was confirmed, he’d be busy all morning.

A luxury that I benefit from is that when I ride with Ed, I get to use his saddle bags to store things. A jacket, a bottle of water, a camera, whatever it happens to be, I don’t have any storage that could house any of these things on my bike. I want to bring my camera today and I figure it is just a matter of putting the camera in a camera bag, then securely fastening that to the bike.

I head over to pick up the bike. When I get there I begin figuring out where I am going to put the camera. I decide to fasten it to the bracket that holds the license plate. A few twirls of the wrench and the camera bag is secured. As I tighten the bolt it begins to feel loose and then it quickly snaps. I broke the bolt, and now the license plate bracket is loose. This is no good, because anything that vibrates will be a problem on a long ride.

This could cause a big set back if I let it, but I don’t, and I quickly find a zip tie to temporarily secure the bracket. It isn’t perfect, but it is good enough. I jiggle the camera and am happy with how solid it is, even with the zip tie.

About a hundred miles until I’ll start needing gas, so I don’t stop right away. I hit the road and begin to work my way out of the neighborhoods. Sunday traffic has me chomping at the bit. The guy in front of me is going fifteen miles per hour below the speed limit, and I haven’t the patience to wait for him to turn. There’s no opportunity to pass so I turn at the next road I see.

I’m in the neighborhoods a little longer than I had hoped, but now I’m in a different area than I had planned. That’s not a problem, it’s actually a good thing. I find some good roads, and I start to relax when I begin to see flocks of bicycles. There must be a race, or a group ride, or something official, because there are literally hundreds (thousands?) of bikes on the road. I later learn that this was the ACS annual ride that starts out at the base of the Ben Franklin Bridge. I don’t know what it is, but I sit at the light for 5 rounds of green lights, not moving an inch.

Once the light turns green, I slowly bring the bike back up to speed. The time standing still gave me an opportunity to start sweating, and as the wind dries the perspiration I start to get cool. My temperature cools, the traffic and bicycles are gone, and I’m alone on the road. All is well.

I continue the ride without stopping. I’m gone for about three and a half hours and I get home exhausted and hungry. Ed is home when I drop off the bike, and we chat for a bit and before I know it we are working on the license plate bracket. He has a piece of hardware that is perfect for the job, and the bracket fastens better than it had been originally. I down a glass of water and head home. Another awesome ride.

Here’s a link to the ride…


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