July 30, 2011

While drinking my coffee this morning I start to think about the day and figure I will see if Ed wants to go for a ride. I grab my phone and notice that he sent me a text 15 minutes ago to see if I wanted to go for a ride. It is a sure thing, we are going for a ride.

After finishing my coffee I head out to meet Ed, and we start our bikes after a short conversation. Life and weather got in the way, and it has been 2 weeks since we last rode. The bikes have to shake off the dust a little, and so do we. After a few sputters and groans the engines are sounding good. I nod to Ed and we start forward.

After being away from the bike for a couple of weeks it takes a couple moments to get re-acquainted with the bike. We soar down the road and I begin to make subtle movements and feel the bike respond. These movements are little whispers from my body to the machine, and the tiniest motion yields a response. I touch the handlebars to the right a little and the bike shifts to the right. A little shimmy of the hips achieves a different shift. The slightest roll of the throttle and the bike and I take off down the road.

This ritual of subtly shifting the bike around helps me initiate the tacit dialogue between the machine and me. We need to be in close communication if we are both going to survive. Today was a day that this dialogue, and seemingly everything else, was perfectly in sync.

We ride down the road and we seldom encounter a moment of traffic. We meditatively motor our way through the pine barrens. At one point I look over at Ed. Ed’s shirt flaps and ripples like a flag in the wind, and like a flag he carves a straight line through the road and stands as a symbol of freedom and oneness. We ride for hours without saying a word, then at an intersection Ed asks if I want to stop for breakfast. I nod, and we head into the parking lot of the Shamong Diner.

We sit down for a meal and to take a break from the road. I order a vegetable omelette with broccoli, asparagus, tomatoes and onions with potatoes and rye toast. While eating this I tell Ed how meditative I felt during the ride, and he agrees that he was feeling the same. We fill our stomachs and share some conversation and then we’re on the road again. We’re not far from home, so we enjoy our last miles for the day. Just as we are about to get back home I ask Ed if he wants to ride again tomorrow. He does, and we’re set to ride again.


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