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Why Orbspiders? First of all, the choice was originally made when I began using the internet, which was just a year or two prior to 2000. Anyway, I had to create an AOL username, so I thought about it for a while and settled on Orbspiders.

At the time, my favorite music to listen to was the Orb. The Orb is mostly ambient styled electronica, but some of it transcends any genre. I still listen to them occasionally. I didn’t solely choose the name based on the band. My favorite author, perhaps then AND now, is Loren Eiseley. Loren Eiseley is a naturalist with a sincere literary talent. His book, “The Unexpected Universe” contains a chapter entitled “The Hidden Teacher”. In this chapter he describes an encounter with an orb spider, the type of spider that weaves the most beautifully intricate webs. In his description, the spider is shown to not have the ability to comprehend the author’s intrusion into its world. The entire book is fascinating, and I highly recommend it.

So – the combination of a great lesson from Loren Eiseley, the concept of orb spiders being able to weave beautifully intricate webs, and the name of my favorite band (at the time that I chose the name). I’ve always been one to stick with something once I’ve chosen it, so Orbspiders is still my online persona.


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