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The Entity Within (Part I)

January 16, 2011

I am sleeping within my head
My body wakes outside my bed
My eyes are open, except for blinks
I search for pieces, the missing links

Puzzling pieces, bent in creases
Thoughts drained out within my thesis
Vision snowing, floods are flowing
Height of the fire is steadily growing

Drips from eyes, painful cries
Mourning best friends new demise
Drips from pores, from open sores
Lost ideas and stolen cures

Spitting half lies, seen by dark eyes
Buzzing like a swarm of horse flies
Biting, nipping, poison dripping
Liquid death, we all are sipping

Waves are crashing, colors splashing
Visions of flesh, and thoughts of slashing
My shining sword, my weeping lord
Pain is all the weak can afford

The open mind is hard to find
Leave that pipe dream far behind
Lights are gleaming, voices screaming
Thoughts of a boy so deeply dreaming

A legless man. A Vegas hand:
-3 Kings and a pair of Aces
-”What do you got?”
Dealer wins (no one grins)

This is poker – a game of no expression.

You think you’re good? You think you’re tough?
I’ll see your hundred, and call your bluff
Well? Ante up, we’ll play some more
(losing thousands, becoming poor)

“I’ll bet the rest” (as he lays down three eights)
Dealer wins again. Three of a kind doesn’t beat straights
And mine is one from ten ’til Ace
You’re doing fine, just keep the pace

Just sit tight, and lose all night
And watch how hustling is done right
I know these cards forward and back
All night I’m counting and keeping track

I’ll scam you any way that I can
I’m the magic man… and I can pull rabbits from hats
coins from your ears, flowers from my wand…
And when you pull on my hankie, it keeps going
and going
My reality seems to be slowing
And something else is somehow born
From all that is real I am suddenly torn

A world of magic, a wold of awe
The most beautiful world my eyes ever saw
But emotions are strange. I love and hate
With mediation I cannot relate

I hurt from the pain I cannot feel
I cannot tell what is not real
I want to laugh, I want to cry
I think today I’m going to die

My heart feels like it is slowly ripping
With its pieces my soul is chipping
My eyes are tearing, my soul is flipping
All the lights seem like they’re dripping

I fall to the floor and find the cure
Accepting the fact that I’ll never be pure
A simple concept, a life-long stain
I wonder if grudges still remain

“I’m sorry sir, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave now.”
Of course you will, but your conscience will never leave you.


Halted thought

September 8, 2010

My brain is like a garden hose
twisted tightly in my head
full of fluid thoughts
that flow as slow as lead

Whenever I try to think
I open up the spout
but fluid finds a kink
and barely dribbles out